Amo La Vita Onlus

A favore dell'Oncologia Medica del

Ospedale San Carlo Borromeo - Milano

AMOlavitaONLUS1 is a nonprofit association of Milan San Carlo Borromeo Hospital's Oncology Department. It was founded in 1980 by physicians and nurses as a support to oncologic patients and their families.

Since then, healings – considered as a no illness resumption 5 year-long period – have improved by 55%. 

Cure, monitoring and check-up need surgical or medical hospitalization, both in Ward, Out-patient Department and Day Hospital.

Cancer turns upside down the patients and their families' daily life: psychosocial distress might decrease the patient's compliance and influence Cure relationships between patients, relatives, and health staff. Two out of three neoplastic patients are over 65, living alone or with an old partner. 

Part of them is considered as frail patients because their average life expectancy has increased from 71 to 83 years since 1970: the higher incidence of oncologic frail patients makes long-term hospital stays economically unsustainable. Frailty factors depend also on organic and economical status, culture and age, and increase Cure inefficiency caused by Care lack.

AMOlavitaONLUS responds to Cure problems of not only the patients and their families, but also physicians and nurses contributing on the one hand to increase the compliance and satisfaction of the patients and their families, on the other to decrease overall costs. New procedures are tested within our nonprofit association until reaching satisfactory results and are subsequently transferred to the hospital health system.

Social and demographic distribution changes with time, scientific progress develops new drugs and surgical techniques, changing Cure field and perspectives. As far as the relationship between common citizens and sanitary system is concerned, this may change with no apparent visibility.

Once aware of local inefficiencies, AMOlavitaONLUS conceives projects by studying solutions and testing their efficiency. It then introduces the new procedures into the Hospital and the territory Cure field. 

The research process is financed and supported by private and public donations.

In the past 25 years, our team has introduced several new projects. These are the main ones:

  • The interior design of the Out-patient Department and Day-Hospital Reception;
  • Out-patients and Day-Hospital patients' Reception;
  • Out-patient Psychology Department, both for cancer patients and families;
  • The interior design of the Ward;
  • Leisure and free-time of Ward patients;
  • Support for Ward patients;
  • Nutrition and day-night cycle (circadian rhythms) organization;
  • "Humanization" periodical training seminars for nurses and physicians;
  • Communication projects (between General Practitioners and Oncologists, Physicians and patients);
  • Frail patients' transfer and One-Day Service for medical purposes;
  • The Humanization of Palliative Cure;
  • Events for fundraising.



AMO stays for Associazione Oncologica Milanese (Milan Oncology Association) and it means I love. Vita means life. AMOlavita means: I love life.